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This is written by myself (husband ) and my wife was with me. For some time I had health problems and was able to sexually satisfy my wife and she was very supportive and understanding during the long periods at home, I was bored and frustrated. Once, while putting away laundry, I found carressing her underwear, feeling the verticality of black stockings, silk black garter belts, matching panties and bra, and began to feel nervous cock! I took and put black stockings up my legs, which fixed the straps and pulled the underwear over my half -erect penis, and soon I masturbate, what a feeling of running while carrying sexy underwear I was hooked. I carefully folded and put the article and cleaning myself, I started looking at this association and regularly repeating crossdressing sites online. After a few weeks I was stupid enough to believe that my wife would not notice her underwear was proposed and, one morning, afterwent to work I went upstairs and crawled up and down to me if there was a sudden noise and saw standing at the door of the room to see !. He was caught in shock, she went crazy and said that something new was porn99 wrong, because moving her underwear and lingerie in pre -cum stain. After he calmed porn99 down and apologized several times, she said that he knew of no future and he wanted time to think things sit for a few days later and asked me to listen to it!. She told me that if I wanted to stay with me, would be on their terms, as he was dressed in her underwear that I bought myself, but I would dress as enjoyed in the House of household chores, and when they were patience and understanding about my illness and was now the breadwinner. I wish it were a real man to satisfy their needs, if they wished to reach an agreement, I was surprised, but felt helpless and had no other option that you agree, I expected it to be beyond the scopemore, and she would never go out. My job was to do housework, and I got a kick out of wearing sexy lingerie sexy my own with my wife for example, I was always stained my underwear with my semen. , but some time later, my wife suddenly announced he found a kind of work, and reminded me of my consent I saw them ready stockings, garters, matching bra and panties under skirt and sexy top, new high-heeled black shoes porn99 and hair did. looked impressive and I was so jealous, but new I had no choice but to accept the situation. When he finally returned home for the second 30 is opened, I realized I had a drink but was not drunk, I could not help and asked what he had done? said I told you encounter with a man working for dinner and drinks, I asked : Did something happen? said they know they really want? I said yes ! She said fine, but I ask you to remember? said they went to dinner at a hotel room, which had shot down tor removed her underwear and then himself to his porn99 boxers, where my wife away slowley reveals his erecetion who took in his hands and masturbated before embarking on his knees and took it to his mouth and sucked and licked until he shot his load in her mouth ready. Then he lay in bed and uses his mouth, his finger on every inch of her body until she had her first porn99 orgasm, when he won his erection told him they had wild sex in all positions, porn99 she said she felt wonderful extends to feel a big cock until he shot his hot cum deep into her, she told me to ask ? where I get semen stains dirty panties and rubbed her bag on my nose and said, do not forget to wash your hands and get all the milk. In this he realized that porn99 he had a hard and said it was good that his wife enjoy crossdressing sissy real men like me that shit better get used to it. Since then she has had other lovers, and now sometimes reachHouse and suddenly I was and allowed him a watch lover, take the tension and jealousy of seeing his own wife was a different story Mans too hard on the mouth and shot my load in my underwear. We are both porn99 happy with the situation, as my wife is now the feel of a real woman.
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